Investigating Love series by L.M. Somerton Blog Tour, Excerpt, Reviews & Giveaway!

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Hey peeps, we have L.M Somerton stopping by with her excellent series Investigating Love. Now we have a fantastic post for you with an excerpt, brilliant giveaway and reviews to all three books, Rasputin’s Kiss, Evil’s Embrace and Tarot’s Touch. So enjoy the post and then click that Raflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~ p.s. I’ve added the free story Smuggler’s Grasp for you to pick up 🙂

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Rasputin’s Kiss

What if the last thing you felt was the kiss of a knife?

Rasputin’s kiss is lethal. He’s a ghost—killing and disappearing into the night. With few leads and four bodies on his conscience, Detective Inspector Alex Courtney and his team are running on empty and it’s only a matter of time before Rasputin strikes again.

When Alex recruits a young detective to play the part of his boyfriend and provide a tempting target for a killer, he knows he is taking a huge risk. He doesn’t expect Conor Trethuan to be a perfect potential submissive. When their mutual attraction becomes more, Alex has to face the conflict between his possessive instincts and the need to push his young lover into danger.

Investigating their feelings has to come second to investigating the case. There’s no time to decide if what they feel for each other is real. With Rasputin closing in, they may not live to find out. 

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Evil’s Embrace

Never underestimate the power of obsession.

After the trauma of the Rasputin case, Detective Inspector Alex Courtney and his boyfriend, Detective Constable Conor Trethuan, are in desperate need of a holiday.

The peace and tranquillity of Cornwall can’t eradicate Conor’s nightmares, though, and the unbearable prospect of losing Alex drives him to confess feelings that he isn’t sure are reciprocated. Alex responds in the best way he knows how—by issuing orders and claiming Conor’s body as well as his heart.

Prematurely recalled to work, they are thrown into a dangerous trafficking case focused on a leather bar with a hardcore reputation, Spikes. Conor is sent in undercover, not knowing that he is only a decoy. When Alex learns that the motivation behind his team’s involvement in the case might not be as straightforward as it seems, he realises that his actions might jeopardise not just their relationship, but Conor’s life, too. A shadowy figure from Conor’s past is about to step into the light.

L.M. Somerton - 03 - Tarot's Touch

Tarot’s Touch

Can truth be found in the cards?

DI Alex Courtney and his lover, DC Conor Trethuan are under enormous pressure as their team investigates an arson case and a murder.

It soon becomes apparent that the two cases are linked and the race is on to find a vicious killer. A tarot card is left with the first victim and the detectives are left to interpret the clues it provides. When Conor receives a note from the killer making reference to another card, the whole team is shaken. Their worst fears are realised when a second body is discovered, along with another tarot card.

Conor suspects he has been followed, then a hit and run leaves him injured. Alex wants nothing more than to wrap his lover up in cotton wool and protect him from the world. But is Conor the killer’s target or just a pawn in a much more sinister game? As the clues come together it seems that the motive for murder might be revenge.

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Hostile Ground by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov Blog Tour, Giveaway & Review!

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Hey guys, today we are visited by Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt with their newest Riptide Publishing release Hostile Ground, they have a great giveaway and we have Thommie’s review for you to enjoy, so don’t just sit there have a look at what we have today and then don’t forget to click that Rafflecopter Link! <3 ~Pixie~ 

Welcome to the Riptide Publishing, Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt blog tour for our thriller, Hostile Ground!

Every comment on this blog tour enters you in a drawing for a choice of two eBooks off our backlists (excluding Hostile Ground) and a $10 Riptide Publishing store credit. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on May 17th, and winners will be announced on May 19th.  Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries.

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Hostile Ground


L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

Enemy territory is a dangerous place to fall in love.

 After the deaths of three undercover cops investigating a drug ring in a seedy strip club in Seattle, Detective Mahir Hussain has been sent to finish the job. He joins the club’s security team in the hopes of finding enough evidence to bust the operation before the men in charge find a reason to put him in a shallow grave.

 To protect the strippers, only gay men can work the club. Ridley, the cold and intimidating head of security, knows exactly how to test potential new hires—including Mahir. From the minute they meet, Mahir and Ridley engage in a dangerous dance of sex and mind games. Mahir needs to find his evidence before Ridley figures out he’s a cop—and before they both grow too close to betray one another.

 As the game goes on, Mahir burrows deeper into the operation, where he learns there’s much more happening than meets the eye . . . and why every cop who made it this far has been silenced with a bullet.

 Hostile Ground is available May 12th from Riptide Publishing.

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Sacrifices by Chris T. Kat Blog Tour, Giveaway & Review!

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Hi guys, today we are joined by Chris T. Kat and her brand new release Sacrifices, we have a brilliant giveaway and we have Thommie’s review… and you can actually picture Thommie pulling her hair out as she wrote the review LOL So enjoy our post, click that Rafflecopter link and grin at Thommie’s excellent review. <3 ~Pixie~ 

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(A Jeff Woods Mystery 02)


Chris T Kat

When he was outed on the local news, Jeff Woods gave up his dream job as a detective to become an on-air radio personality. The sacrifice was worth it to keep Alex and Sean in his life, but Alex lost his job, too. Jeff can tell Alex worries he’s pressuring Jeff too much, first with Sean and now the lack of money, but he has no idea what that will lead Alex to do. Desperate times bring out the stupidity in some people, and when Jeff discovers Alex is in over his head in a situation he can’t handle, he needs all his self-control to stay calm.

Life is not easy with the Church of Virtue still spouting venom wherever they go, homophobes at the police department, a gangster who wants Alex in the worst possible way, and a bed that barely holds one grown man, much less two (and a child), but Jeff is there to stay for good, and he’ll do what it takes to make Alex believe him.

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An Honorable Man by Edward Kendrick

Title: An Honorable Man

Author: Edward Kendrick

Genre: Contemporary, Crime, Drama

Length: Novella (145pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (16th June 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Paxton, a forensic scientist whose wife has deserted him and their twin sons, is working on a serial killing while trying to cope with his feelings for Jordy, an ex-lover from his past who is now the boys’ teacher.

Paxton, a forensic scientist whose wife has deserted him and their twin sons, becomes embroiled in trying to catch a serial killer when the boys discover a human finger-bone while rock-hunting. As more bodies turn up, and his housekeeper takes temporary leave, Paxton turns to Jordon, the boys’ grade school teacher, to watch them after school.

There is only one problem, Paxton and Jordon were lovers before Paxton married. Now, with his wife gone for the past two years, Paxton finds he still has feelings for Jordon, feelings which may be reciprocated. For the sake of his sons, who hope their mother may someday return home, and his own belief that she might, he fights to be an honorable man.

Purchase Link:

Review: When Paxton was given an ultimatum by his father, many years ago, he caved in and did what his father wanted. But, he had to give up Jordan. Now, years later, Jordan is back in his life as a friend and Paxton won’t let it go any further, because he still hopes that his wife will come back, even if it is for the sake of the children.

This is quite a good second chance romance. But, if I am perfectly honest, I got more caught up in the serial killer plot than the romance. *bows head in shame* Paxton gave up the love of his life to do what his father wanted. Now, after so many years and his wife’s disappearance solved, he can make a new start, hopefully with Jordan. Jordan is a teacher and has Paxton’s children in his class. They have a good friendship, but they don’t stray too far into unwanted remembrances that will bring forth recriminations.

Yes, Paxton is an honorable man now but he wasn’t very honorable when he allowed himself to be bought. He married a woman his father chose as part of a business deal and his father would continue to pay for his tuition and education. This hurt Jordan badly, as Paxton had always said he loved him, but now years later they are friends. Jordan is a lot more forgiving than me, but he still loves Paxton and now he and Paxton have a second chance.

Right. So, on to the part I really, really enjoyed. one of Paxton’s sons uncovers a finger bone while digging for a fossil. Paxton, a forensic scientist, calls in his brother-in-law, who is a detective and it is just the beginning as more graves are discovered. Identifying the skeletons is harder than they thought and finding a killer before they strike again is a challenge. Loved it, and the identity of some of the bodies is a surprise. The mystery is well written, and the way it ended has given me hope that there will be more in the future for this couple and the mystery will be fully solved.

So, I will recommend this to those who love second chances, forgiveness, realizing your mistakes, solving murders, intelligent kids and a happy ending.


Fade to Black by Scarlet Blackwell

Title: Fade To Black

Series: Clear Water Creek Chronicles 03

Author: Scarlet Blackwell

Genre: Contemporary, Crime

Length: Novel (185pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (7th April 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Finn Austen is settled with Brandon Schofield, Sheriff of Clear Water Creek, and trying to move on. That’s not so easy when ghosts of the past are around every corner…

Sheriff Brandon Schofield and Finn Austen are still struggling to overcome the ghosts of the past and Finn’s torture at the hands of his abusive partner, Dominic Bateman. Meanwhile an adult movie company has moved operations to an abandoned warehouse in Clear Water Creek and its stars are vanishing. Soon Brandon’s investigation leads him to Iowa and he finds the men involved have ties to Finn’s past.

As Brandon battles to bring down the crew behind the films and fight the demons–both real and those haunting the halls of Finn’s mind–he hopes to slam the door on the past forever and claim the joy he and his lover deserve.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains scenes of dubious consent, rape, and excessive violence.

Purchase Link:

Review: Finn and Brandon are still finding their way in their relationship as Finn struggles with his demons. Brandon discovers an adult film set with dubious goings on and a ghost from Finn’s past emerges to haunt him.

This story continues six months after Smashed to Pieces and we see the struggle of Finn as he tries to shake long ingrained habits and as a new threat from his past emerges. Finn is desperate to move forward in his sexual relationship, but his fears and ingrained habits are making it difficult.  But, with Brandon’s love, he is getting there slowly. Brandon is walking on eggshells when it comes to sex with Finn.  He is terrified of suggesting something that might trigger a flashback for Finn, but he wants to move forward sexually with Finn. When he discovers an adult film company that is suspected of making snuff films it leads a man from Finn’s past to Finn.

There’s a good reason for the content advisory on this book and it is mainly for the disturbing videos of Finn that emerge and for the making of the snuff film.  The excessive violence is also for Finn’s flashbacks of his life with Dominic.  None of the scenes are done for titillation and there is nothing erotic in any of them.  It is to mainly show exactly how much Finn suffered at the hands of a man who said he loved Finn.

The storyline is quite good; as it shows the continued suffering of Finn and that he hasn’t been magically healed with the love of Brandon.  It also shows how he is beginning to heal and his revelation that he is still looking back over his shoulder instead of looking forward to his love for Brandon and the life he can now lead. Brandon’s patience with Finn is inspiring, but he is also just a little bit overwhelming in his need for Finn.  I must admit that there were one or two moments that his disregard of Finn’s feelings was a puzzle, i.e. when he brought a porn star who had been attacked home without even bothering to check with Finn first.

There are some slimy characters in this book and I hate to say one of them is the near victim of the snuff film, Zakes.  At first, I felt sorry for him, but then he showed his true colors and he was an intensely dislikeable man and I can’t say that I had much sympathy for him in the end either. Brandon understandably wants to know more of what happened to Finn so that he can help more, but his determination to watch the videos falters as he sees what Finn suffered. His dodging of Finn’s question was well done, because he never let anyone see the videos so he never actually had to lie to Finn.

I have to recommend this to those who love conflict, danger, mentally scarred men, strong partners who would do anything for the man they love and an ending that is happy for them.

Reviewer:   Cat

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Review:  I really liked this book. This was my first of this series and I was able to follow a long and enjoy it, even though there are two books ahead, which I must say, I will be going to get now. I am a hopeless romantic and the love between Brandon and Finn is sweet, sincere and passionate. Finn has a lot of issues and Brandon is a caring, respectful lover and is doing his best to help Finn work through his past.

Brandon is a sheriff.  He is alerted that there may be an illegal adult filmmaker in his town doing snuff films. He finds the warehouse and stops a film in progress. So he makes some enemies that know about his lover’s past and intend to take revenge on him.

So does Brandon find this filmmaker? Do the bad guys get their revenge? Does Finn survive? Does Brandon find out what he needs to further his relationship with Finn?  I’m not telling you… go read the book.  It’s worth it.

If you like hot sex, loving intense relationships and some mystery, maybe even some BDSM try this!