Sold as the Alpha's Love Slave by Marcy Jacks

20514024Title: Sold as the Alpha’s Love Slave

Series: The Pregnant Mate, #5

Author: Marcy Jacks

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (123 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-62741-384-8

Publisher: Siren Publishing (February 22nd, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Heart

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Theo Rosewell was kidnapped and sold from house to house as a sex slave. In this new house, he’s immediately chained to the floor, as two alphas are forced to fight for the right to mate with him.


Lucius doesn’t want another mate. After losing two in the arena, he has no interest in loving and loosing another. But the frightened omega will die if he loses. So Lucius fights and wins. When he’s injured in the battle, Theo takes care of him. Lucius can’t lie. He tells Theo that he can never love him.


Lucius can’t keep his own promise, however. Worse still, Theo is pregnant with Lucious pup, a pup they will never be allowed to keep. When rumor goes around of a pack of alpha’s roaming around the property, Lucius will risk everything to get his mate into that pack. He will let Theo go even if it breaks his own heart.


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Review: This is book five in this awesome series and they should be read in order to keep up with who everyone is.


I love Marcy’s stories that she writes. She has a wonderful creative spark inside of her and can give you a world to lose yourself into when times get really hard and you just want to disappear. I loved how this series just captures your attention from the start and keeps it to the very end. It is amazing.


Theo had been abducted from his pack, and sold as a sex slave many times over. It makes your heart just hurt thinking of all the pain he must have felt. However, he had the ability and strength to not only overcome it, but to turn around and trust his feelings to the man who had to fight for him.


Lucius was a wolf alpha and had been captured by vampires and turned in to basically like a cage fighter. Sometimes fighting just to entertain the vampires but also for mates. He had won two mates prior to this fight and lost both of them to death. The omega mates are doused with blood and placed in a caged area with two very wild animals and the alpha that had won him had to keep his mate alive. This time though he fought for an omega that just pulled to him. He fought for Theo, but had told him after he won that he would never love him. He soon realized that was wrong all the way around, because he found himself in love with the omega. When he realized his mate was pregnant, he had to make a choice. A choice that could cost him everything. He knew that if it was found out that they would take his cub from him, and since he knew that there was a pack of wolves around the property he had to take the chance. He had to get Theo to leave him, to run to the wolves and get help.


Theo loved Lucius with all of his heart and once he was told about his being pregnant, he did as he was asked. With a heavy heart he ran. I would definitely be recommending this book to anyone who loved two hot and sexy men, the fact that it is a man who gets pregnant, true love story, hot sex, and lots of dangers coming at them from all directions.

Santos by Lynn Hagen

18332743Title: Santos

Series: Dark Riders, #2

Author: Lynn Hagen

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (130 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-62740-692-5

Publisher: Siren Publishing (September 30th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:Things are heating up in Paradise City. Lonnie Winston’s looks can get him any man he wants, but his sights are set on one bear of a man named Santos Alverez. The guy is pushy, difficult, and makes Lonnie want to pulverize the brute. So why is Santos the only person who heats Lonnie’s blood with a craving that is driving him insane?


Santos thinks Lonnie is a loudmouth, pain in the ass. He is the only man who can push Santos’s buttons, sending him into a snarly fit. Lonnie is the total opposite of what Santos looks for in a man, and he knows that it would never work between the two of them. They are more liable to kill each other than have a romantic relationship.


But when someone close to Santos is killed, Lonnie proves just how much he cares when he goes after the Darlings in order to avenge Santos’s pain and loss. Keeping the man at bay is becoming harder to do when Santos realizes he is falling hard for the tattoo artist who is quickly becoming his entire world.


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Review: This is book two in the Dark Rider series and they should be read in order so you don’t miss anything.


If you read book one you would have met Lonnie and Santos. You would have also laughed your ass off at them. They are quite a bit quirky and snarly. They are always arguing with each other, not killing each other yet that is. However, you know what they say about arguing so much, it is like foreplay between wolves. Santos is a member of the Dark Riders motorcycle group. He is as fierce with love as he is with anger and revenge. He met Lonnie when his leader went after Lonnie’s best friend and mated with him. He also thinks Lonnie is a loudmouth, pain in the ass and is the only man alive that can push his buttons and make him want to kill him. He is also the opposite of what Santo’s wants as a lover.


Lonnie is someone you could fall in love with so fast and so hard. He is just as cute and adorable but a pain in the ass smart mouth. I love that about him, he can give as good as he takes. He gets injured several times and Santos is right there with him. Even with all the snark flying around you can tell that once they hit the sheets it will be setting them on fire. There is so much heat going around them. Even their friends can notice and not just from the scent of lust in the air.


The dangers of the darlings coming after them and the fact that a certain detective is looking to bust the whole group is a major hot spot for me, but there is a lot more danger than just that in this story. It was amazing and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves sexy men, hot sex, shapeshifters, vampires, and lots of danger. Trust me this is one series you will want to read.

Love Assassin by Fritz Diantan

e3784f6c70a0b57b95ecb21034111f85765314b5Title: Love Assassin


Author: Fritz Diantan


Genre: Contemporary, Dark Erotica


Length: Novella (86 pages)


ISBN: 9781310661600


Publisher: Fritz Diantan (5th March 2014)


Heat Level: Explicit


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2 ½ – 3 Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: A mental illness, a source of weakness, a sign of cowardice… that is how Dante defines love after almost losing his life because of it. And for years, he forcibly taught this lesson to the people he was hired to seduce as a love assassin, a destroyer of relationships. But it seems that even a man with a broken soul is not immune to emotions he has no control over.


Dante does not believe in love.


Having been betrayed, abandoned, and almost losing everything because of it, he realized that love is merely an illusion, a pathetic excuse cling upon by those too weak and cowardly to live. In the outside, he is a brilliant and successful businessman… but unknown to many, Dante has systematically and professionally destroyed numerous relationships as Agent 13, a love assassin for hire. Young or old, men or women… Dante does everything he can to seduce, deceive, and manipulate his targets to make them accept the cruel truths they are ignoring to see.


Yet his newest target, a young man named Vincent, proves to be Dante’s most challenging and dangerous assignment. Because as he tries to accomplish his mission, Dante faces the possibility that his goal of making Vincent fall for him may no longer be motivated by his philosophy as the Love Assassin… but by an emotion he has vowed to never feel again.

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Review: Dante was nearly destroyed by love in the past and now he systematically destroys love. Under the guise of Agent13, Love Assassin, he accepts paid assignments to destroy relationships and is proud of his achievements, but his latest assignment might be more than even he can handle because as he gets to know his target, Vincent, the hard shell he has encased his heart in begins to crack.


Right, well this is going to be a hard review to write because while I liked the premise of the story and the plot I freaking hated Dante, I mean really hated him, I wanted the ending to be completely different so his mean little heart was ground into dust because the bastard really deserved it and doesn’t deserve a glimpse of happiness. Now let me explain… Dante had his heart broken once, now he makes sure other people feel the same misery he did by destroying relationships for money. Vincent is a delightful college kid who has met the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, but a jealous friend wants Vincent’s girlfriend and calls the Love Assassin to destroy their relationship. Dante manipulates, deceives and seduces his way into Vincent’s life but falls for Vincent.


Now most of you would think that Dante would change his ways and go about romancing Vincent, but oh no not our Dante, no our Dante ups his game and nearly destroys Vincent in his bid to get Vincent all to himself. What a Bastard. Now while I thought Vincent (the sweetheart) deserved true love, Dante deserves to be tossed into the pits of Hell. Poor, poor Vincent has no clue as to what Dante has done and right up till the last sentence I was praying that he would find the weasel out and save himself. I really wanted for Dante to find redemption in his newfound love but he completely ballsed it up by his actions.


I did enjoy the story, it was entertaining and really did make me keep reading (in the hopes of Dante getting his comeuppance) and there is some really hot sex and it isn’t all with Vincent either. Yes, I am unhappy that Dante couldn’t change his tune but it was still a good story…. But the editing really needed work, a lot of work, words inserted in the wrong places, words missing and incorrect spellings really pulled me out of my enjoyment of hating Dante and praying Vincent could escape from his web.


So in truth I would recommend this to those who love a villainous self-centered MC, a MC who falls into a carefully laid trap, finding love when you least expect it, an MC who doesn’t change for love, and, maybe the beginning of a happy ending?       

Imprisoned by Desire by Calandra Hunter

81gUv1Y4vvL._SL1500_Title: Imprisoned by Desire

Series: Previously Published as a series: Taken, Tamed and Saved

Author: Calandra Hunter

Genre: Paranormal/Magic/Kingdoms/BDSM

Length: Novella (50 pages)

Publisher: Calandra Hunter (November 9th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: When Tristan is taken prisoner by the Dark King, he expects to be tortured for information about the rightful Prince Dareon and his rebellion.

But the Dark King doesn’t question Tristan. He wants to make him his new loyal pet. Soon, Tristan enjoys the pleasure of being spanked, humiliated and taken by another man. 
He tries to stay loyal to his friend and rightful heir, but the Dark King is seductive and knows exactly what exquisite delights Tristan’s body craves. 

While the Dark King is determined to make Tristan his, Prince Dareon is 
determined to free him. Tristan is torn between the two men. Can Prince Dareon satisfy his newly awakened desires, or will Tristan stay with the Dark King and serve him as his devoted pet? 

Tristan must summon all his courage to find his own happiness, and that of the man he loves. 

This 80,000 word erotic romance is intended for mature readers. It contains scenes of gay sensuality and gay bondage and domination.

Imprisoned by Desire was originally published in serialized form under the title Imprisoned by Desire 1: Taken, Imprisoned by Desire 2: Tamed and Imprisoned by Desire 3: Saved. It contains the complete text of the series, but has been corrected and revised. All characters are 18 or older.


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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: The writing is smooth. There is plenty of action, suspense, and erotic BDSM scenes, but not a lot of layering here. 

This book combines a bad boy king who likes to capture beautiful men and make them into obedient pets with a stubborn and loyal submissive who longs for his Prince, but can’t resist the Dark King. Often times the king tires of his tamed submissives and casts them off, but the Dark King sees something of a true submissive in Tristan and vows to make him his own personal pet. It’s a bit of Stockholm syndrome. Through starvation, deprivation, uncomfortable living conditions, then reward, and discipline, the Dark King finally breaks Tristan, or rather awakens him to his desire for domination and sexual displays. Just when Tristan is resigned to his fate, and begins to feel his loyalty build for his captor, Prince Dareon sweeps in to save the day and rescue Tristan from the Dark King.


As they set off to escape the Dark King’s recapture, Tristan feels his loyalty is divided. He’s always felt love and loyalty toward Prince Dareon, but the conditioning, the sexual encounters he experienced with the Dark Prince leave him yearning. No to mention the magically locked cuffs and collar that the Prince and their cohorts need to find a way to remove.


The most intriguing part of the story for me was not the capture and taming of Tristan by the Dark King, but rather the way Tristan fought the King’s pull, and the way Prince Dareon got over his anger over what happened to Tristan, and what the Dark King took from them both. He turns a new leaf, grows a spine, and they both overcome the evils of the Dark King. Actually, I felt a bit sorry for the Dark King by the end of it all!

Fever Pitch by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

2391-210x336Title: Fever Pitch

Series: Tiki Vampires, # 2

Author: A. J. Llewellyn & D. J. Manly

Genre: Paranormal/ Vampires

Length: Novel (177 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-7818-4697-1

Publisher: Totally Bound (November 8th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:Fallen Hawaiian god Malakai’s love for the mortal Jepoi reaches fever pitch. The furious ruling gods open the gates of hell, releasing long-dormant demons and monsters into the islands.

Malakai and Jepoi have infuriated the major Hawaiian god Kanaloa by falling in love. Malakai was once Kanaloa’s lover, and after a nasty break-up, Kanaloa banished Malakai to eternity as a vampire on earth. Malakai loves Jepoi and yearns for a peaceful, mortal existence with his man, but Kanaloa is a sore loser. He’s not about to lose the man he worships to a guy who just won’t go away…so he abducts Jepoi and punishes him severely.

He turns Jepoi into a vampire, separating him from Malakai. Jepoi struggles to find his way as a Hawaiian vampire, learning what it’s like for others of his kind in the islands.

When Malakai finds Jepoi, their passion reaches fever pitch. To punish them both, Kanaloa opens up all the gates of hell, unleashing long-dormant demons, and monsters into the islands.


This is book two in the Tiki Vampires series. See the full series listing here

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Review: This is book two of this series and to get into it you must start with book one. Malakai, also known as Kane was once a Hawaiian god until he pissed off his lover Kanaloa. Kanaloa was a very nasty and bitter god, and with his powers, he banishes Malakai to live out as a shape-shifting vampire. Malakai had fallen in love with Jepoi. Jepoi was a human and a very sexy nurse. After catching a deadly disease, Malakai had saved him. However jealous of their relationship Kanaloa kidnaps Jepoi and turns him into a vampire.

Jepoi has to learn what it is like to be a vampire and he must find his way back to Malakai. Their tempers are flaring hot in this story as is their feelings for each other. Kanaloa once again gets angered and sends out the demons and monsters on the island. In most stories, a jealous god would have just killed Jepoi, but I think Kanaloa realizes if he did that then he would definitely loose Malakai. I love the fact there is so much love and passion between Malakai and Jepoi. You can tell it is there with their words and their actions. How Malakai would have done everything in his power to get Jepoi back. He would have searched the world and brought his mate back. He would have also killed Kanaloa.

This story has a lot of twist and turns that make it interesting. I love the dangers that are coming at them from all the directions. I love the way each character shows their feelings so easily. Whether is love, lust, passion, anger and you can tell the strengths that comes from each other. I am not really sure about this story though. I just couldn’t get my attention to stay on it. I want a book that can capture my attention from the start and keep it all the way to the end, but this story was just too bizarre and too hard to follow. I just didn’t understand parts of it.

I would recommend this story because even though I could not really get into it, it is a good story. It has Hawaiian gods, sexy men, dangers from all directions, hot sex and some major quirks. I can’t wait to read the next book. Even though the first book and this one was a bit difficult to get into it is a really good story.

Fever by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

18365576Title: Fever

Series: Tiki Vampires, Book 1

Author: A. J. Llewellyn & D. J. Manly

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (137 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-7818-4696-4

Publisher: Totally Bound (September 20th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:When Jepoi meets the man of his dreams, he has no way of knowing that Malakai is a fallen Hawaiian god condemned to eternity…as a vampire.

The pantheon of gods was displeased when Kane, one of their major gods, fell out with his lover Kanaloa, one of the ruling forces over the Hawaiian Islands. Condemned to an eternal earth-bound life as a shape-shifting vampire, Malakai has one chance to break the curse. He must never fall in love and he must never intervene in human problems.

All that goes astray when he meets Jepoi, a young male nurse working on the Big Island of Hawaii. Malakai falls for Jepoi and can’t resist him, but then all hell literally breaks loose when Malakai saves Jepoi from ancient and deadly disease that returns to the fatal shores of Hawaii.


This is book one in the Tiki Vampires series, see the full series listing here


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Review: This is a pretty bizarre story. Don’t get me wrong it was a very good read. I just couldn’t get into it. I had trouble following it even from the start. The characters are very descriptive and are pretty hot. Kane is a vampire, his real name is Malakai and he had pretty much been banished by his lover Kanaloa. What Kanaloa had not known was by doing this Kane would find the one man he would truly love. One very sweet and cute love named Jepoi.


Jepoi is a young male nurse who has fallen in love with Kane. The only problem was he had not known what Kane truly was. One day Kane had warned Jepoi not to do a flight, but it had been an emergency and Jepoi had to go. He had helped two very ill people only to realize he had caught a very deadly disease. Kane had permission to save his lover, but there is always a price.

Kane had been told to fix his curse he must never love a human and must never intervene in any of their problems. He failed at both, not only had he fallen in love with Jepoi but also he saved his life.


I felt like there is a lot of jealousy coming from Kanaloa and it was revenge to send Kane away. There is a lot of danger in this story that does make it a pretty good read. I loved the way each character felt for the other, however I did not really get a lot of it, but I did like the way it did finally connect for me. It has a lot of twist and turns to this story and it left me hanging at the very end. So I am off to read the next book to this story.

Blind Under the Moon by S.A. Welsh

4359blindunderthemoon510w-430x645Title: Blind Under the Moon

Series: Blood Moon Pack Alliance, Book 1

Author: SA Welsh

Genre: Paranormal/ Vampires/Werewolves

Length: Novel (146 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-77111-887-3

Publisher: Extasy Books (March 1st, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:Remy must learn to put his doubts aside and become the Alpha he needs to be to protect his pack and his new blind vampire mate.


Remy is a wolf shifter who loves getting under the hood of a beauty with lots of horses and hates his mother nagging him to start having pups. When he is summoned to his asshole alpha’s house, things go from bad to worse as he fails a test of loyalty by refusing to torture and kill a vampire. He’s forced to challenge for the position as Alpha. No one is more surprised than he is when he actually wins. But what does he know about running a pack?


Remy soon realizes the severely wounded male vampire is his mate. Skylar’s coven sent him to investigate rumors about a poison targeting vampires. Skylar is drop-dead gorgeous, with the brightest blue eyes Remy has ever seen. He’s also blind. Will forces outside their control and the new responsibilities facing Remy put a stop to their mating and their life together before it begins?


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Review: This is another amazing hit for me. I absolutely got caught in this story with the wonderful characters and story line. It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end.


I loved Remy and Skylar, the way they just mix together. It showed their strengths up front, the fact that they are all about family, loyalty, and trust. Not to mention the love you can feel coming from them. I love the fact that Remy gives up a lot and actually gains more. He was told by his alpha to come over to the house and one never refuses an alpha. Even if the alpha was cruel and hated by those that were weaker than he was. What he saw when he got there was a vampire being hurt. He was given a choice hurt the little man or lose his entire family. Of course, he refuses and shifts. What he had not known was he too was an alpha. So standing up to the alpha, he ends up fighting and winning. He now has a pack one that he did not have a clue what to do with. He also ended up with a vampire for a mate.


Skylar was not just a vampire, but also a blind one at that. He was also the only vampire in several centuries to find his Mon âme soeur sang, a true-life mate. Skylar is a lot smarter than one would give him credit for, he could also calm his mate down faster than anyone could. So when it is time to find betas and enforcers, Skylar helps him when the time is needed.


I loved this story and definitely can’t wait for the next story to come out. I have found another series that is on my favorite list. I have also found another author whose books I will be looking at. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, the paranormal world, hot men, lots of danger and action. Not to mention the very hot sex you get from these two very sexy men.

Vampire Prince by S.J. Frost

vampireprince_9781419948602_msrTitle: Vampire Prince

Series: N/A

Author: S. J. Frost

Genre: Paranormal/ Vampires

Length: Novel (168 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-4199-4860-2

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave (March 7th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:For three years, Sebastian has lived as a blood slave, giving his blood and body to vampires. He’s a prisoner, owned by the blood house he serves. Sebastian dreams of freedom, of feeling the sun and wind on his face once again.


Valentin has earned the title of vampire prince. But status and age haven’t brought him love. When his blood craving grows too demanding to be ignored, he goes to the blood house and finds himself entranced by the spirited Sebastian.


Their passion is strong, their connection to each other undeniable. Sebastian wants to be Valentin’s, and Valentin wants to keep Sebastian—forever. The danger of making the blood slave immortal is high and the price might be both their lives.


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Review: This is a truly beautiful love story of a man whose life was full of pain and heartache finding the one man meant for him. Sebastian would have been hurt if he had not signed a blood contract to a vampire. He had not even been given the chance to even read the contract so he did not know what it meant in total. He had been a blood and sex slave for over three years and he was very close to choosing death as his way out. That is until he met Valentin. Valentin was a prince of the vampires.


Valentin really hated going to a blood house however, he really needed blood since moving to Georgia. However as soon as he arrives he sees Sebastian. Choosing him, he talks to him and gives him the choice to choose to be his blood slave for the night. But it turns out that they both wanted more. On a night where the head of the house choose to hand Sebastian over to one cruel vampire, Sebastian calls out for Valentin. Valentin gets there and ends up buying the contract.

Sebastian ends up at Valentin’s home and meets his brother and a demon. With their help, Sebastian was now completely free to choose whether to stay with Valentin or find his way out in the real world. After realizing he really wants, he chooses to stay with the man he wants. The family he now has.


This story has lots of danger in it, all coming to kill everyone in Sebastian’s life, but it also show a lot of love coming from them. Brotherly love and the love of mates, although they are not called that in this story you can still tell that it is there. I would definitely be recommending this amazing story to everyone who loves the paranormal worlds, vampires, demons, hot and sexy men, tender sex, and the dangers coming for them. I will definitely be watching this author for more stories just like this one. It is being added to my favorite list.

Kian's Hunter by R.J. Scott

kiancvrTitle: Kian’s Hunter (2nd Edition)


Series: Fire 01


Author: R.J. Scott


Genre: Paranormal


Length: Novella (102pgs)


Publisher: Love Lane Books (19th March 2014)


Heat Level: Low – Moderate


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4 Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: Kian has crossed over from his world to ours to seek revenge. His plan is to kill the monster who murdered his Uncle. The same monster who used magic to escape to our world and is hiding here and growing in strength.


Regan Campbell is a hunter of Demons. The first son, of a first son, he is the one who protects this world from the monsters that no one else knows are here.


When Kian reaches this world, he knows Regan is the perfect man to fight alongside him, but Regan trusts no one.


It isn’t until they are facing death and a terrible evil that will be let loose, that Regan finally realizes he can trust another…his fated partner, Kian.

Please note: this book was originally a short story written in 2010 and released by Silver Publishing. This version is inspired by that short story and is a complete re-write.


Purchase Link:


Review: Kian ap Rhys has come to the human world hunting a Danio that ripped the fire from his uncle. But he is also seeking his bondmate, the one person who was meant for him. Regan Campbell is hunting demons, a task that has been passed down through the family, when he is approached by Kian he isn’t sure what to make of the ethereal man especially when Kian starts talking about a near parallel world. Kian and Regan must fight together to conquer the evil they now face, but Regan finds it hard to trust and Kian won’t force the bond.


This great little novella introduces us to a world that is nearly parallel to our own but has magic. Kian is from that world, he has traveled to our world to find a killer, and the man he is destined to bond with. Regan is a human who is from a family who has hunted demon’s for hundreds of years, his one goal in life is to destroy the evil, falling in love never enters his mind. Kian wants nothing more than to bond with the man meant for him, but Regan doesn’t trust, and when the threat is taken care of Kian is still in danger, as he can’t survive without his bonded.


This story is a great start to a new (re-written) series, it has a bit of world building for Kian’s world, and the bond is explained perfectly. Kian is a brilliant character who holds back as best he can when he realizes that Regan doesn’t want a bond, Regan is a great character who fights against what he feels but finally accepts his feelings. It is a story that isn’t instant love or instant bonding; it is more a story of trusting what you feel is real. It would have been so easy to have had that instant spark acknowledged and to have everything fall into place, but Regan’s personality wouldn’t have made that believable and we wouldn’t have gotten the nice juicy angst that we so enjoy.


I have to say that R.J. Scott has done a good job of giving us just enough information to enjoy this story but leaving enough information to whet our appetites for the next books, like the waking dreams that plague Kian at the end. I liked the fact that both Kian and Regan tried to fight the bond, although they had very different reasons for fighting it. I liked that when they did come together fully, sexually, it wasn’t straight away; they had time to pull back and think about it, especially Regan. I must admit that Kian made things harder by not explaining things in full but it does add nicely to the tension between Kian and Regan, making their end relationship that much more believable.


I have to recommend this to those who love paranormal romances that are a bit bumpy, danger, tension, and a touch of angst, some sweet loving, accepting fate, and a very interesting ending.        

Beyond Your Wildest Nightmares by Sage Marlowe

beyondyourwildestnightmares_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title:Beyond Your Wildest Nightmares


Series: Nightmares 05


Author: Sage Marlowe


Genre: Contemporary/ Angels and Demons


Length: Novella (101 pages)


ISBN: 9781781849682


Publisher: Totally Bound (February 7th 2014)


Heat Level: Explicit


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts


Reviewer: Cat


Blurb: Sometimes the horrors reality throws at us go beyond our wildest nightmares.


Half-demon Colin succeeds in unveiling one of mysterious sex-club owner Ben’s biggest secrets—much to his boyfriend Mikey’s dislike. Fortunately, he knows just what to do to make Mikey happy and they enjoy some pleasurable distractions before the nightmare that is Colin’s life continues.


Haunted by flashbacks from a past he can’t remember, Colin struggles to make sense of the mixed signals he receives from the people around him and the signals he subconsciously sends out to them.


Ben is only too willing to help Colin figure out things about himself and even Mikey isn’t immune to Ben’s devious charm. Together they continue to explore Colin’s submissive side—but is Ben the rightful third man in Colin and Mikey’s bed? Or does that place belong to a love that’s lost but not forgotten and may just play an important role in the plan to stop their mutual enemy?


This is book five in the Nightmares series. See the full series listing here


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Review: Beyond your wildest Nightmares is the fifth book in the nightmare series and boy is this some nightmare.  It seems things get more and more complicated.   Mikey and Colin have a bit of an argument, after Mikey watched Ben bite Colin and realized what he is.   Ben consoles Mikey and the two try to come up with a plan to help Colin out of his nightmare.


As I mentioned, this is a very complicated story and with each installment, it gets even more twisted.  You do need to read these in order.  The storyline is intriguing and twisty, this series is a lot like a serial as each book picks up where the other left off and ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.  There is a lot of very explicit sex, but as I mentioned before it fits into the story very well since Colin is and Incubus (A Demon that feeds from sex).


I love Colin, he is very different and even though he is a demon, you can’t help but have sympathy for him and like him. He is also extremely sexy. Mikey I also like. He is the perfect boyfriend/lover. His and Colin’s relationship is to die for. (Couldn’t resist the pun). I dint think I would like Ben, but I do.  He is strong, intriguing and mysterious.  Sasha, I still haven’t quite connected with.


If you like, series that continue (serials), vampires, demons, incubus, porn-stars, ménage, voyeurs, twisty plots and hot mansex I recommend this to you!

Dead Man and the Lustful Spirit by Lou Harper

81UGSazT6KL._SL1500_Title: Dead Man and the Lustful Spirit

Series: Dead Man, #1.5

Author: Lou Harper

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: Short (30 pages)

Publisher: Harper Books (January 24th 2014)

Heat Level: Mild

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Tams

Blurb: Denton is a necromancer and his boyfriend Bran is a witch. It’s not as exciting as it sounds. They don’t even get to dress the part, unless it’s New Year’s Eve and they’ve been invited to a costume party. Denton is happy to let his hair down, but coaxing the reclusive Bran out of his shell is hard enough without a demonic spirit crashing the party.

Convincing the spirit to return whence it came from will call on Denton’s special skills, but not in necromancy.

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Review: Denton and Bran are more than just a necromancer and a warlock. They are lovers. When they stumble upon a drunken man possessed by a demon at a New Year’s Eve party, they coax the vessel back to their apartment in order to do an exorcism, of sorts. What ensues is kind of hysterically sexy when Bran falls victim to the demons charm.

This was just a short, fast, fun read that will definitely perk up your lunch hour. A few grammatical errors and a part in the story when I’m certain the author was writing about Bran but she wrote Denton caused me to subject a few marks. But really, for a freebie and only twenty something pages, this book was laugh out loud fun, with a little smexy for good measure.

Harper has a knack for packing a small trunk full of great things. I’ve read several of her shorts that range from fast/fun/sexy to short/sexy/steamy… I would recommend her work and she has several free shorts to reel you in!

Artist's Touch by Kerry Adrienne Review, Interview & Giveaway!

Hiya guys, Kerry Adrienne has popped in today to bring us her newest release Artist’s Touch, and Kerry answers some questions from our very own Lisa. We are also lucky enough to have one copy of Artist’s Touch to giveaway so leave a comment and we will get Kerry to pick a winner 🙂 So enjoy the review & excerpt and leave a comment to win! Snuggles ~Pixie~ (p.s. don’t forget to leave your email!)

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Artist’s Touch

The Guild, book one (Sculptor’s Desire and Guitarist’s Wish coming soon!)

By Kerry Adrienne


Every starlet wants master painter Kenon Alavi to do her portrait…and more. But Kenon prefers firm to soft and sates his desires with the boyfriends of the women he paints, enjoying the diversity of many lovers but shunning any attachments.

Wallace Harte’s English degree isn’t helping him find a job and working at a bar is the closest he’s gotten to being the Second Coming of Faulkner. Something’s gotta give soon or he’ll be out on the street.

Kenon zeroes in on the bartender at an art exhibition, intending to add him to his long list of conquests, but Wally bolts, initiating a heated game of cat and mouse. Kenon delights in the game until he discovers what Wally is writing. Feeling betrayed, Kenon swears off all entanglements until he reads Wally’s story and discovers true love is sometimes between the pages and not the sheets.

Inside Scoop: This book contains hot, sexy scenes of M/M interaction of an artistic nature. Who knew having your portrait painted could be so hot?

A Romantica® gay erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Kerry Adrienne - Artists Touch 3D-2


By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.

An Excerpt From: ARTIST’S TOUCH

Copyright © KERRY ADRIENNE, 2014

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Another day, another drink for those who had dollars. Wally slipped the candied cherry into the Manhattan and handed the glass to the tall brunette leaning against the bar. With barely a nod, the woman slinked away as if on skates, joining one of the clusters of patrons waiting on Kenon Alavi’s arrival. The artist, notorious for being late, probably wouldn’t arrive for another ten minutes at least. Light jazz floated through the air from the ensemble set up in the far corner and spots of colored lights beamed up the walls to the tall ceilings that arched over the studio space. This would make a great setting for a novel, Wally mused. Too bad he didn’t have the plot to go along with it. His creativity had hit an impasse as cliché as the proverbial brick wall.

“Martini. Wet and stirred, no olive, no twist.” The man put his hand on the bar and looked over his shoulder toward the gallery door. “I’m tired of waiting. Don’t care how special Alavi thinks he is, my time’s important too.” He tapped his fingers on the bar. “Annoying bastard. Wouldn’t be here if my wife wasn’t so keen on having him paint her.”

Wally pulled out the glass for the martini, not speaking to the customer. He’d been hired to make drinks, not socialize. The man was just complaining anyway. He wasn’t really expecting a conversation, especially from the bartender. Plus, tonight Wally had to remember all the different highbrow cocktails. He rarely served anything but beer and frozen drinks back at the Cellar Bar. He poured the vermouth into the sloped glass, then stirred the concoction. As long as Mr. Alavi paid his wage, who cared when he actually showed up? His gala, his schedule.

“Told her we could get a portrait done for a lot less but she insists on this guy.” The finger tapping grew more vigorous. “He’s refused her calls for two months now. Arrogant bastard.”

Wally nodded and set the drink in front of the man. Mr. Alavi sounded like a typical snobby artist. Big surprise. “Here you go, sir. Wet and stirred. No olive, no twist.”

“Top shelf?” the man asked, raising an eyebrow. He toyed with the rim of the glass, running his finger around it as if he was checking for chips.

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