Learning from the Master by Lynn Kelling

25265353Title: Learning from the Master
Series: Manse/Bound by Lies, #0.5
Author: Lynn Kelling
Genre: BDSM /MMM Ménage
Length: Short (37 pages)
Publisher: Forbidden Fiction (June 16th, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Most things in life come easily to eighteen-year-old Jenner Parrish, who’s on track to inherit the family business, and is popular, well-liked and good-looking. He has everything he could want, except when it comes to love, and sex. Closeted, lonely and desperate, he acquires an invitation to an event at a nearby private gay club, Manse. Feeling out of his element and for the first time quite shy, Jenner is unable to play the wallflower when he captures the attention of the suave, seductive owner of Manse, David Davenport.

David is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is gorgeous young Jenner, who begins to realize every fantasy and wild desire could be his for the taking, if only he dares to ask and obediently serve. (M/M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-62234-233-4

Product Link: http://forbidden-fiction.com/library/story/LK1-1.000196

Reviewer: KathyMac

Review: Learning from the Master by Lynn Kelling is the prequel to Bound by Lies. I love reading these short stories because I feel like I’m being told a secret about the character that I didn’t know prior.

Jenner is used to being in control of his life but the minute he walks through the doors at Manse, a gay nightclub, he knows immediately he is out of his element. When David, the owner of the club, sits down beside Jenner scoping him out, he instantly has a case of butterflies.

Jenner goes to the club mainly looking for sex. What he finds is so much more than he ever expected. David takes control of Jenner immediately and focuses all his attention on giving Jenner every type of pleasure he can imagine.

Manse is a BDSM club so it’s not long until David is mastering Jenner. He wants to show him what being a master and sub are about and train him so that he can one day have his own sub.
Shea is David’s sub and he arranges for the two to meet and form a connection. His goal is to show Jenner how special and precious having a sub is and how to appreciate them to the fullest.

This is a short story so everything happens pretty quickly. Lynn does a great job of putting a lot of detail and information into the story so that you get the full experience of what is happening.
Even though it is short the author doesn’t cut corners on the importance of safety and rules within the BDSM world. David is always very conscientious of what is going on and making sure Jenner is okay with the training.

This is a great introduction into how Jenner gets his start of being a Master. Lynn is a great storyteller and one of the best when it comes to BDSM. Every story I’ve read by her always has my full attention and I quickly become enthralled in the storyline.

Whether it’s a novella or a full novel Lynn tells the story brilliantly. You definitely want to read this if you have read Bound by Lies and if you haven’t I would encourage you to read both.

If you like BDSM in your stories, Lynn Kelling is the author to read.

fanart lynn kelling Learning FTMaster

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Subjection by Alicia Cameron

Demoted1-Subjection_Reveal_MEDTitle: Subjection
Series: Demoted 01
Author: Alicia Cameron
Genre: Sci-Fi/Futuristic/Slave-fic
Length: Novell (196 pages)
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing (28 April 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4
Blurb: In a world where intellect and achievement are valued above all else, a young man risks everything to save his brother from a life of slavery. Thrown into a harsh, unyielding world where slaves are treated as less than animals, Sascha struggles to come to terms with everything he knows being ripped away from him, but a life of success could never prepare him for his life as one of the Demoted. Sinking lower and lower, Sascha begins to lose hope, but the whim of a mysterious, wealthy man has the potential to change all that.

Cashiel has a dark history that he guards carefully. Between family and business and politics, he rarely has time for a slave, much less a lover. But when he sees a young man who reminds him of the very history he is trying to escape, he makes an impulse decision that he’s not sure whether to regret or not. The slave could expose everything, or he could be the most valuable asset that Cashiel has ever acquired.

Cashiel and Sascha share desires, hopes, and a home. Each man is limited by status, hindered by history, and desperate to succeed.

The question is, will that be enough?

ISBN: 9781622342242

Product Link: http://forbidden-fiction.com/library/story/AC2-1.000202

Reviewer: Prime

Review: This was a really interesting read, although up front I am going to say you should stay clear if you take issue to reading a main character who suffers slave-type sexual exploitation and abuse (not necessarily from the other main character, but it is borderline). It is a very specific genre but I feel in the unrecognisable world created it works well.

Sascha became a slave in order to save his brother. He became a sex slave but is badly abused at the brothel where he worked. But the knight in not so shiny armour, Cashiel, buys Sascha when he needs to find a slave for Peace Day celebrations. It’s nowhere near as sleazy as it sounds, I assure you. These characters work well together and it really helps that we get to read the story from both Sascha and Cashiel’s POV. There is more to both Cashiel and Sascha than meets the eyes and their story is definitely not at an end. The next instalment shall prove interesting.

But I am left wondering what type of world where after another two further world wars is society so severely deteriorated that the “demoted” – basically those without a high IQ – are sterilised and brutalised in order to completely recondition them to become slaves?

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Bound by Lies by Lynn Kelling

2370004958750Title:  Bound by Lies

Series: N/A
Author: Lynn Kelling
Genre:  Contemporary/BDSM

Length: Novel (326 pages)

Publisher: Forbidden Fiction Publishing (August 4th, 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Brayden Clare never wanted to return to small town life. Blond, athletic, and struggling with his sexual identity, a casual relationship on the beach in Florida suits him much better. When a family emergency calls him home, he is forced to trade his personal freedom for a job as a bartender in a town where everybody thinks they know who he is, and nobody has a clue—including Brayden. Jenner Parrish is the owner and operator of Parrish Pub, the social hub of Robertsville, Pennsylvania. Jenner is charming, dominant, and popular since they were both in high school together. Brayden finds his new boss intimidating, and is daunted to find that turns him on. Jenner finds his new recruit intriguing but mustn’t dare to ask an employee to submit to him. The two men find what they’re seeking at a masked BDSM ball in the next town over, and are startled to discover their desires rest much, much closer to home.
Product Link: http://forbidden-fiction.com/library/story/LK1-1.000108

Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: An intense, hot, and edgy BDSM story. A coming out story involving the closeted high school football player (Mr. popular) who is a secret Dom, Jenner, known only to his two closest friends. When Brayden comes back, he’s forced not only to face his old high school fears, but the fact that his new boss is the hot Dom he connected with at Manse the area exclusive fetish club. To say Jenner and Brayden are conflicted is a huge understatement, but the guys work their way through the many hurdles of their new Slave/Master relationship. Fears of coming out, not only as gay, but as Dom/Sub are very real when even their closest friends try to prevent their relationship from progressing. This book is full of misunderstanding, learning curves, hot D/s situations, and a couple of bar fights to top it off. The BDSM sexual content was hot, but then I enjoy that kink very much. The book is well written, the only complaint I have is that it’s written in third person, I like the use of first or second person POV in books like this. My advice is to grab this book and settle in for a tantalizing tale!

The Charming by J.A. Jaken

15833870Title: The Charming

Author: J.A. Jaken

Genre: Paranormal, Thriller, Dark Erotica

Length: Novel (151pgs)

Publisher: Forbidden Fiction (4th October 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: The shadow of a past love had blinded Clayton MacAllister until his life was slipping through his fingers. Just as Clay was ready to give up on the idea that he might ever be happy, a charming stranger stepped into his life. Mal was rich, handsome, and persuasive; everything Clay thought he couldn’t have and didn’t deserve. Mal’s sadistic desires made Clay uncomfortable, but it seemed like a price he could pay—until he learned, the price might be his very soul in chains.

Purchase Link: http://www.forbidden-fiction.com/library/story/JAJ-1.000046

Review: Clay is just coasting through life, letting everything pass him by because he doesn’t really want to try to improve his life. When he meets Mal, there is something about the man who Clay just can’t resist, and Clay falls into something he has no control over. Mal’s darkly sensual nature lures Clay in, drawing Clay into an erotic world that he isn’t sure he wants, but the price becomes too much and the help of Clay’s first love may be all that can save him.

This dark erotica is oddly appealing, as well as slightly repellent. Clay is a character who if he applied himself more would have everything he wants, but he just seems to accept things as they come. When Clay first meets Mal he is overwhelmed by Mal’s charismatic nature, he does things he wouldn’t normally do and finds a secret thrill out of those actions. Clay soon begins to let other things slide to meet Mal, he phones in work for time off and he makes excuses not to see his son… all so he can have a few stolen hours with Mal, and because there are no adverse effects he doesn’t question how easy it is.

This story draws you into a world where a man’s pleasure overshadows his unease, where he will endure discomfort and fear for the eventual blissful release of orgasm, and when he eventually does begin to question his reactions, he begins to see the truth, but it could be too late. Mal is a character that changes as Clay begins to realize things are odd, at the beginning, he is suave, sophisticated, and charming, by the end, he is demanding, cruel and mean, showing his true nature as what he wants is slipping through his fingers. Clay does have help from his first love Jimmy, but Clay is the only one who can truly put an end to it.

This story is darkly erotic and extremely well written, you are pulled into the scenes and you can actually feel Clay’s unease even as you feel his pleasure, you feel his neediness even as you feel his questioning of his own actions and you feel his desperation even as you feel his hopelessness. This story isn’t a happily ever after or even a happy for now, this story is a lesson learned and never forgotten.

This story I recommend to those who love dark erotica, reluctant surrender, paranormal forces, hope, and an ending that is happy for Clay.


Pathfinder by J.A. Jaken

15703716Title: Pathfinder

Author: J.A. Jaken

Genre: Science Fiction

Length: Novel (214pgs)

Publisher: Forbidden Fiction (June 29th 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie            

Blurb: Shai discovers he is a pathfinder and is desperate to find a genetically suitable partner to prevent his extrasensory talents from running amok. Unfortunately, those talents make him a target for the brutal crime lords and other violent denizens who inhabit the city of Nhil-Rhar. Shai needs to learn how to use his pathfinder senses—no matter how much they terrify him—before he’s trapped in a partnership that will enslave him for the rest of his life.

Warning: Scenes of rape and dubious consent.

Purchase Link: http://forbidden-fiction.com/library/story/JAJ-1.000012

Review: Shai finds out the hard way that he is a Pathfinder. he has been told that he has to have a guide who will be bonded with him, and Shai has no choice about whom that guide will be. Being a Pathfinder places him in danger, when a crime syndicate snatches him, and tries to force a bonding with their very own guide. Now, Shai is on the run with an Outrider guide. A guide who doesn’t want a bond to form, and who Shai is beginning to trust.

This is a great science fiction story of a lost science, which scientists are trying to revive. Shai is just slightly different from the others. Sometimes he just knows things. He works quietly at The Hunted Lord, until the night the Agency sweepers come looking for him. From then on, it is a journey of discovery, fear, and resentment. Lorne is an Outrider. His clan lives out in the outside roaming the land and avoiding the city. Lorne was captured during a raid for medical supplies. Together they escape from their captor and begin a reluctant partnership.

The characters are all well written and the storyline is brilliant. It isn’t a nice and easy relationship and it isn’t a happily ever after. Both Shai and Lorne are in a position that neither of them wanted. But, they try to make a go of it even while they both try to decide what they want to do. Shai has no choice but to find a guide. And Lorne might be the only one that he has any real choice in. Lorne doesn’t want another Pathfinder as his last bond-mate died, but as they get to know each other, they decide to take a chance. It isn’t easy for either of them though, as they have the Agency and a crime syndicate looking for them.

I will give everyone fair warning Shai is 16 years old and to some of you that will be underage. There is also rape and dubious consent. But, being honest, it actually adds to the plot and storyline. It is all drawn together and makes an unfortunate kind of sense. No matter how you look at it, the baddies are desperate and only care for results. The characters are all good and you can see where the Agency is coming from, but it doesn’t mean you agree. And the Outriders seem to be the only ones who are still truly free and believe in free will.

I will recommend this to those who love futuristic, science fiction, escapes, chases, trying to make the right choices and having a slight hope of a true romance.