Shelter From the Storm by Kate Sherwood

Title: Shelter From the Storm

Author: Kate Sherwood

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Length: Novella (150pgs)

Publisher: Riptide Publishing (August 18, 2018)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3 1/2 Hearts

Blurb: A healer and a warrior fight to survive the winter . . . and each other.

Grif is tired of life as a mercenary—tired of life, period. So he heads off into the mountains, not much caring whether he lives or dies. But when his indifference leaves him unconscious in a snowbank, a stranger finds him and insists on dragging him back from death.

Kiernan doesn’t really have time to nurse a stranger back to health; he’s on an important mission. He doesn’t know why the message he’s carrying is significant, but he’s determined to deliver it, even if it means risking his life in the winter mountains. Still, he can’t just walk away from a fellow traveler in need.

Grif didn’t want to be saved, and he sure as hell doesn’t want to be stuck with an annoying, naïve do-gooder. But since when do the mountains give men what they want? The snow is too deep to travel. Food is scarce. Grif and Kiernan learn to depend on each other, and eventually to care about each other. Neither of them wanted it to happen. But sometimes the mountains don’t give men what they want; sometimes, the mountains give men what they need.

ISBN: 978-1-62649-778-8

Product Link: Riptide | Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords | iTunes

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: A romance mostly story about Grif and Kiernan doing what they must to survive the harsh weather they find themselves in. I thought Grif’s reason for being out in said weather to be a little irritating. He puts himself and Kiernan in danger because he gives up.

Kiernan rescues him and nurses him back to health. Meanwhile the two are drawn together and start a relationship. Two men are trapped in the middle of a storm fighting to stay alive against all odds. I liked the struggle and the passion between these two as the story progressed.

It was an o.k. read.

Shelter from the Storm by Kate Sherwood Blog Tour & Giveaway!

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Shelter from the Storm


Kate Sherwood

A healer and a warrior fight to survive the winter . . . and each other.

Grif is tired of life as a mercenary—tired of life, period. So he heads off into the mountains, not much caring whether he lives or dies. But when his indifference leaves him unconscious in a snowbank, a stranger finds him and insists on dragging him back from death.

Kiernan doesn’t really have time to nurse a stranger back to health; he’s on an important mission. He doesn’t know why the message he’s carrying is significant, but he’s determined to deliver it, even if it means risking his life in the winter mountains. Still, he can’t just walk away from a fellow traveler in need.

Grif didn’t want to be saved, and he sure as hell doesn’t want to be stuck with an annoying, naïve do-gooder. But since when do the mountains give men what they want?  The snow is too deep to travel. Food is scarce. Grif and Kiernan learn to depend on each other, and eventually to care about each other. Neither of them wanted it to happen. But sometimes the mountains don’t give men what they want; sometimes, the mountains give men what they need.

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Home Fires by Kate Sherwood Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

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Kate Sherwood - Home Fires Cover

Home Fires

(Common Law 04)

Kate Sherwood

Trouble comes to Mosely, Montana, from the outside world. When the residents of Mosely are left on their own, they can make things work. Sure, there’s always been a militia operating up in the hills, but they were small-scale—just survivalists doing their thing—until organizers came in from out of state. Now Jericho Crewe and the rest of the sheriff’s department are facing down a heavily armed band of fanatics, and the feds are busy elsewhere.

The odds are hopeless, but Jericho swore an oath to serve and protect the citizens of Mosely. He won’t walk away from that, even if Wade Granger’s begging him to run away somewhere and finally be together the way they always should have been.

But this time, it’s Jericho who refuses to leave Mosely, even if staying kills him.

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Darkness by Kate Sherwood Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

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(Common Law 03)

Kate Sherwood

A murdered prostitute. An obvious suspect. Clear evidence. For once, Jericho Crewe has a straightforward crime to investigate, and Wade Granger isn’t involved.

It all seems so simple, but Jericho’s instincts won’t let him rest. As he investigates, he finds troubling suggestions that the murder is a part of something larger and more sinister. But working within the boundaries of the law may keep him from finding the truth. If Jericho doesn’t break the rules, an innocent man may rot in jail while a killer remains free to strike again.

Inevitably, it all comes back to Wade. Because who else knows as much about breaking rules? And who else knows Jericho the way Wade does—not wisely, but far, far too well?

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Embers by Kate Sherwood Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Kate Sherwood - Embers Cover


(Common Law 02)

Kate Sherwood

Small town—big problems. Jericho Crewe is back in Mosely, Montana, trying to deal with police corruption, interfering feds, his newly discovered family members, and, of course, Wade Granger.

He doesn’t really need a biker war on top of it all, but as the bodies start to pile up, it becomes pretty clear that’s what he’s got. Not only that, but Wade’s involved somehow, and as soon as Wade is a part of something, things that seemed clear become cloudy.

With the feds breathing down his neck, Jericho has to find his way through Wade’s maze of half truths and manipulations. It would all be so much easier if Jericho could think straight in the other man’s presence. So much easier if their passionate past could be forgotten, and if he could be sure he’s strong enough to resist the temptation of a passionate present.

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Long Shadows by Kate Sherwood Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Hiya peeps! We have Kate Sherwood popping in today with the tour for her new release Long Shadows, we have a great excerpt and an awesome giveaway, so check out the post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~

Kate Sherwood - Long Shadow Cover

Long Shadows

(Common Law 01)

Kate Shadow

LA cop Jericho Crewe got the hell out of Mosely, Montana, when he was seventeen. Fifteen years later, he’s back, and everything is just as messed up as when he left. He planned a quick visit to deal with his injured father, but of course things are never that simple. Family complications, police complications, social complications—and, as always, Wade Granger complications.

Jericho and Wade had been so close, once upon a time. First friends, then more than friends—and then, after Jericho’s escape, nothing. Wade’s magnetism hasn’t been lessened by a decade and a half apart; even when Jericho learns that Wade is the prime suspect in the death of Jericho’s father, the old connection still sparks.

When Jericho’s newly discovered half siblings are kidnapped, he needs to trust someone to help him find them. Wade’s a terrible choice, but Jericho’s never been known for his good judgment. Anyway, he’d rather make a bad decision with Wade than a good one with anybody else.

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Dark Horse Bundle by Kate Sherwood

Kate Sherwood - Dark Horse Bundle CoverTitle: Dark Horse Bundle

Series: Dark Horse Series 01 – 03

Author: Kate Sherwood

Genre: Contemporary, Ménage

Length: Bundle (835 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (24th  June 2016)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb: Dan Wheeler thought he’d found lasting love and stability, but when it’s all taken away, can he take a chance on something new? In Dark Horse, Dan meets Evan Kaminski and Jeff Stevens while selling a horse and finds himself drawn to the pair of lovers.  In Out of the Darkness, Dan is building a new life for himself in California with Evan and Jeff, but can the three of them find balance in their tumultuous relationship? In Of Dark and Bright, Dan, Evan and Jeff have found their happily-ever-after – mostly – but when Dan’s long-lost sister shows up on their doorstep, the pressure may crack their foundations.

ISBN: 978-1-63477-614-1

Product Link:

Reviewer: Prime

Review: Ok, you can tell by the rating that I was not particularly a fan of this series, although I enjoyed it enough to finish it, I couldn’t keep my mind off of all the questions and frustrations I felt while reading. This was one of those books where I check up other reviews before investing to read the whole bundle and felt safe after reading all good reviews. Yet, once I started reading I could not work out for the life of me if I was reading the same book to everyone else. I just didn’t get it.

The series follows Dan Wheeler and for the most part it is his narration that is given throughout the series. These three books are the main books in the series, but there are also a number of shorter stories (which I have not read since they were not part of this bundle). Dan is a Texas guy and horse trainer, with a bit of a past after a troubled childhood. His personal life is a bit of a mess after his boyfriend, Justin, had a riding accident the year before. But things are coming to a head and after meeting Evan – a young billionaire in control of his family’s company and fortune – and Jeff, Evan’s long time lover and horse trainer for the family’s stock. I’m not really sure what more to say about the books. The blurbs are pretty straight forward and tell you all the vital info, but the stories are quite enjoyable being what they are.

But I over think shit and then things started to piss me off. First off, like me some people may have to adjust to the fact that the story is written in present tense, third person. I’m not a big fan of this format in the first place, but I got over my reservations. Additionally, I found it hard to feel any passion between the characters. With a ménage you expect smoking hot sex scenes and there were none to be had. It felt like everything was glossed over and that frustrated me. I saw hints of burning passion and desire but I was just not feeling it. I think part of it was that the pace of the first book was rather slow and Dan seemed to be going nowhere fast when it came getting over his demons and moving on with Evan and Jeff.

Those are just story/editing issues I felt and for the most part they are the type of things I would normally ignore, but then we come to my biggest issue, with the relationship between the characters. It’s not that I dislike it because I want all hearts and roses. It’s more that even after 3 books I still don’t get the guys and their relationship – its complex and not in a good way, at least for me. So with the guys, I understand that Evan and Jeff, although they were together, they were not in an exclusive relationship. Evan is bisexual and wants to sleep with women. The question that Dan also asks but is never answered, if this was the case why didn’t the guys choose a female third? Which leads me to what annoyed me the most, I want to know if the three of them are truly in an exclusive relationship because this was not addressed either. That in turn annoyed me because Evan was possessive about Dan even towards Jeff. I think that is what bugged me the most.

Overall, this is an enjoyable read for the most part if you take it on face value. However, I think this series is more for those that like angst-ridden romance that is light on the sex scenes.

More the Chemistry by Kate Sherwood ~ Audiobook

MoreThanChemistryAUDLGTitle: More than Chemistry
Series: N/A
Author: Kate Sherwood
Narrator: Derrick McClain
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance
Length: 2 hours and 13 minutes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Heat Level: Mild
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts
Blurb: Jack Lawson grew up poor and can’t forget it. He’s a huge success in the business world, but it won’t be enough until the image of “poor little Jack” is completely wiped away. When Jack runs into his old friend, Noah Mercier, he decides that Noah’s sister, an up-and-coming movie star, would be the perfect evidence of glamorous success. If Jack can win Hayley, it will be clear to everyone, including himself, that he has truly arrived.

The problem with Jack’s grand plan is that he’s more attracted to Noah. Jack’s never worried about the gender of his conquests, but Noah just isn’t flashy enough for Jack’s scheme to set the world on fire… unless Jack realizes he has practically no control over deciding who he wants—and even less choice in who he needs.

Product Link(s):

Reviewer: Tams

Review: Jack Lawson may have been struggling to rub two pennies together when he was younger, but he grew into a successful business man. He is actually interviewing for a new ad company when he recognizes an old friend from school, Noah Mercier. There is a spark from the beginning, for Jack at least, he’s never been one to limit himself to just one sex when he could have both. Noah however, takes a little more convincing.

When Jack learns that Noah’s sister is a sexy up and coming actress, Jack sets his sights on the sister. But he can’t stop thinking about Noah and his sexy, shy smile, his awkward streak and his love of volleyballs. The problem is, Noah thinks that Jack is straight and to separate himself from Jack so he doesn’t get hurt, he quits his job and stops returning Jack’s calls. Can Jack convince Noah he is sincere in wanting a relationship with him, when he’s just figured it out for himself?

A fast, light-hearted read. I really enjoyed the banter back and forth between Jack and Noah when they were alone in that closet Noah was passing off as an office. The coffees and the volleyballs. The problem I had was aside from that brief period in the storyline, I never felt a real connection between them. The narration didn’t tie me to the characters either. In fact, the tones and voice McClain chose to use for Jack made him sound pompous and insincere.

Sadly, this was just an okay audio for me. I had high hopes because I love Sherwood’s style of writing, but this story just fell a little flat, for me anyway.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Sacrati by Kate Sherwood Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

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Hi peeps, we have Kate Sherwood popping in with her fantastic new release Sacrati, we have a great excerpt (which I borrowed from Riptide), we have a fantastic giveaway and we have Aerin’s review which is pretty glowing! So enjoy the post and leave a comment (with a way to contact you) to enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~

Kate Sherwood - Sacrati _500x750 1



Kate Sherwood

As an elite Sacrati fighter in the mighty Torian military, Theos is blessed with a city full of women who want to bear his children, and a barracks full of men proud to fight at his side and share his bed. He has everything he needs—until he captures Finnvid on a raid.

Finnvid is on a secret mission to prevent the Torian invasion of his homeland Elkat. Being enslaved by Torian soldiers wasn’t in his plans. Neither is his horrified fascination with the casual promiscuity of the Sacrati warriors. Men should not lie with other men—and he should not be so intrigued when they do. He definitely should not be most intrigued by the leader of the soldiers who captured him and plan to invade his home.

For Theos, everything would have been easier if the infuriating, lying, bewildering Elkati had never come into his life, but he can’t stay away. When betrayal and treachery threaten both their nations, they must work together to stop a war that could destroy their homes forever—even as they begin to question everything they’re fighting for.

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In Too Deep by Kate Sherwood

InTooDeepLGTitle: In Too Deep
Author: Kate Sherwood
Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: Novel (234 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 1st 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: At first glance, Cade and Aiden hardly seem like a match made in heaven. Their worlds couldn’t be further apart. Cade is quiet, serious, and determined to succeed; Aiden’s a party-loving frat boy. Cade comes from a rough home and worked hard to get the scholarships that make it possible for him to attend college; Aiden’s had it all thrown in his lap by supportive, kind, and wealthy parents. Cade wants nothing to do with Aiden, but from the moment they meet, Aiden is determined to find a way to bring their different worlds together.

Aiden manages to persuade Cade he’s a decent guy, and a tentative friendship becomes much more. But a trip to Aiden’s family cottage puts Cade in the path of a ghost from his past, and a dark secret he never expected to face again. Cade did what he had to do to escape his dead-end life, but now he sees he didn’t leave it as far behind him as he thought.

ISBN: 9781632161253

Product Link:

Reviewer: Tams

5 of hearts logo red on black smallReview: At first glance, Cade is oblivious! He doesn’t give Aiden the time of day, though Aiden goes out of his way to ‘run into’ Cade at the library and eats more sandwiches than most college kids, probably because Cade works the sandwich station in the cafeteria. At first, Cade thinks that Aiden and his friends are trying to play a cruel joke on him.Then he thinks Aiden is just a pest, a guy that seems to show up a lot where Cade is. When Cade needs a ride home to Chicago, Aiden is there opening his car door for him.

Where Cade has led a lonely life with alcoholic parents that are emotionally unavailable and constantly belittling him for his choices in life… being gay, going to college, trying to actually do something with his life… Aiden is polar opposite. His parents are wealthy and they spoil their son in excess. Aiden parties and spends $400 on coffee at Starbucks, he has popular friends and the golden boy could get any guy he wants, so why does he want Cade?

It takes a lot of perseverance and determination, but eventually Aiden breaks down the walls that Cade has built around himself. Then a summer trip to Canada with Aiden’s family brings someone back into Cade’s life that he thought he’d long ago eradicated. He shuts down, throws up the barriers he so carefully built over years of solitude, blocking out everyone, especially Aiden. Will their still fragile relationship be able to bear the strain of secrets and omissions? Or will Aiden leave Cade right where he feared he would end up all along if he gave his heart to this man, alone.

In Too Deep is at its heart, a love story about two complete opposites and one man’s determination to steal the heart of the guy he wants more than anything. Aiden wants Cade and he is patient and diligent in his endeavor to win Cade’s trust first, then his love. They form a bond through friendship and trust and when Cade is ready, they take it to the next level.

The foundation for their relationship was built so slowly and accurately that when the explosion happened toward the end, I was not worried for one second that Aiden wouldn’t choose Cade. And while I’m usually turned off by angsty stories, the angst was a necessary character within this storyline and just made Cade’s hesitancy that much more believable and endearing.

Definitely a must read for my fellow hopeless romantics out there that love a good happy ending, even if there are a couple of road blocks along the journey to the town of happiness for this odd couple. Romantic, sexy, heartwarming, and such a fun read. I will keep this one loaded on my kindle to revisit.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Mark of Cain by Kate Sherwood

81cQQ4eGJ+L._SL1500_Title: Mark of Cain
Series: N/A
Author: Kate Sherwood
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (351 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-61922-021-8
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (5-20-2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4½Hearts
Blurb: When a man is consumed by hatred, is there anything left to love?

After a tough day of counseling sessions, Anglican priest Mark Webber is looking forward to a relaxing dinner at a local restaurant. When he sees who’s bellied up to the bar, though, he reaches for his cell phone to call the police.
It’s Lucas Cain, the man who killed Mark’s brother three years ago. Apparently, he’s out of jail and hanging out with his old crowd, which has to be a breach of parole, right?

Pulled over upon leaving the bar, Lucas blows a clean breathalyzer and hopes this isn’t a harbinger of things to come. He’s ready to build a sober, peaceful life. His friends aren’t ready to let him move on, though, and he ends up taking refuge in an Anglican halfway house.

Thrown together, Mark and Lucas find common ground in the struggle to help a young gay man come to terms with his sexuality—and the fight against homophobic townsfolk. As attraction grows, the past is the last stumbling block between them and a future filled with hope.

Product Link:
Reviewer: Tootsie
Review: Mark of Cain, by Kate Sherwood, is an incredible story about overcoming fear, loss, bad mistakes, and pain. I have many titles by this author, in my own library, and I have yet to read one that did not touch me on some level. She has an incredible perception with expressing, thru her characters, emotions that feel visible to you, the reader, instead of just words on a page. She has taken two characters, who are both damaged souls, in one way or another, are from completely different backgrounds, and brought them together and they clicked. They were able to find comfort in each other, whereas before, they were just stumbling along.

Thru some bad mistakes, drinking, and mean tempers, Lucas Cain, after 3 years, is being released from prison. He killed a man, accidentally, but he considers himself a murderer, along with the rest of the towns’ people. He wants to do right for himself and for others, but his old friends are having a hard time understanding the new Lucas. They want to continue being the rough and rowdy boys and feel Lucas should fall back in line. Lucas, however, is not okay with this plan. How will his homeboys feel when he separates from the pack? How will Sean, his once best friend, feel when Lucas no longer wants to deny his sexuality? Lucas ends up staying at a halfway house where he will remain, as long as, he doesn’t violate his parole. He soon discovers he may have one or more persons working against him.

Mark Webber, priest and confidante, loves working with the children/teenagers in the community. He wants to be a safe place they can come to if they are questioning their sexuality. He finds comfort in the church, his routine prayers, and he feels confidant he has the support of the parishioners and the church. He also likes to be a helping hand at the halfway house, and be support, if needed. He has the support of his family, as long as, he doesn’t mention he is gay. Up until now, that wasn’t a hardship. He doesn’t understand why, the one man he should hate, the man who killed his brother, is also the man he is falling for. Everything around him seems to be coming apart at the seams. His relationship with Lucas, his father is sick and dying, and the one place he felt comfort – his church, has put him on probation. How will Mark’s mother react when she discovers who her son is falling in love with?

The church wants him to walk away from Lucas. Will the church support him, if that is not a consideration? With so many things working against them, will they ever be free to love each other, as they want? Mark doesn’t do sex, just to do sex. He wants a committed relationship. However, time is not on their side. Thankfully, Lucas wants the same thing, and having sex with Mark, is one thing that is very right. In the privacy of his home, he and Lucas, no longer hold back from expressing their feelings. They love each other with everything they have. While the sex is not that explicit, you get the feeling it is everything they need. It’s been a long time since either one had any sexual romps. So, together, they discover what the other likes and how to satisfy each other.

This was a fairly long story, so there are many twists and turns. The author does an incredible job with the progression of the storyline. There are many amazing side characters that enrich the story, greatly. Many times, I would catch myself laughing, aloud, at the banter and the humour these wonderful characters possessed. You, definitely, can see the growth and the maturity many of the characters go through. You will also have moments of holding your breath, afraid of what is getting ready to take place. I love how the author has the MC’s working together to overcome their problems, rather than splitting them up, only to make up, at the last few pages. There will be sad moments, but at its core, it is a love story. A love between, Lucas and Mark, which will not be broken, by anyone. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a feel good story, little angst, a lot of laughter, and a HEA. I may have my fingers crossed for another story with a very troubled soul, a man who is definitely broken in spirit and heart. He was once Lucas’ best friend, now he doesn’t want to be friends with anyone. I hope we have not seen the last of these amazing characters. Thank you Kate Sherwood, for another incredible read.

Riding Tall by Kate Sherwood

20496892Title: Riding Tall

Series: The Fall book #2

Author: Kate Sherwood

Genre: Contemporary Western Romance

Length: Novel (200 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (February 3rd 2014)

Heat Level: Mild

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Tams

Blurb: Joe Sutton and Scott Mackenzie have ridden off into the sunset, but they wake to the cruel light of reality. Joe loves his family, even with the addition of three neighbors orphaned by a house fire. He loves the land that has supported them for generations. While there’s plenty of room left in his heart for Mackenzie, Joe must make room for him in his life.

Tired of taking and determined not to depend on another sugar daddy, Mackenzie returns to modelling in the city, but the wild clubs he once loved aren’t home anymore. Yet things aren’t right back at the ranch either. Joe is no longer the man he knew. Before the love of his life reaches his breaking point, Mackenzie must convince Joe he’s not lazy if he takes a break and not weak if he needs a little help. Finding the balance between give and take might leave them time for happily ever after.

Purchase Link:

Review: How do you build a life with a man when one of his traits that made you fall in love with him, is something you are starting to resent. Do you do some soul-searching to see where the true problem lies? Or give up and walk away from the love of your life, because you are feeling neglected?

Joe is fiercely dedicated to his family that has grown by three since the fire we read about in The Fall, book 1. He is always putting everything and everyone else before himself, and he is determined to turn lemons into lemonade. But the time Mack spends away for his job, and the time he has to devote to the children he’s raising are causing a strain on the relationship.

Mack has returned to his modelling job in the city but it doesn’t hold the same appeal that it used to. He misses Joe and the family he is building back on the Ranch, but he refuses to let Joe take care of him. Ultimately, he will have to decide if the time apart and his pride are worth risking the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

This book is all about balance. Joe and Mack have to find a balance that they can both live with in order to have their happily ever after. Joe wants to do everything himself and refuses to ask for a let anyone help. Mack also refuses to let Joe help him financially. What they need to realize is that their relationship depends on them allowing each other to help each other. Once Mack decides he’s not giving up without a fight and digs his heels in, Joe is in trouble.

These characters have grown tremendously since this series started. Lots of obstacles in their way, personal growth and coming into their own as individuals and a couple. Their love story is sort of a raw passion almost like virginal teenagers. It’s been fun watching them grow. My only complaint was that it took them almost until the end of the book to really talk to each other. Communication is key, and I really don’t like angst in grown ass adult men that should know better.

If you like, stubborn, sexy, brooding cowboys that fight fires in their spare time you will love these books. And yes, the books should be read in order, this book is not a stand-alone, it is a sequel.

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **

The Fall by Kate Sherwood

18849456Title:  The Fall

Series:  The Fall book #1

Author:  Kate Sherwood

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Novel (214 pages)

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Heat Level:  Mild

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb: Every relationship leaves something behind. Dumped by his sugar daddy, part-time model Scott Mackenzie somehow ends up owning an abandoned church in rural Ontario. He dreams of using it for gay weddings, even if he’ll never have one of his own.

Joe Sutton is trying to keep his family together after his parents’ deaths. Between the family ranch, his brother’s construction company, and commitments around town, he doesn’t have time for a relationship. But Mackenzie is hard to ignore.

As both men fight their growing attraction, challenges to Mackenzie’s business threaten their relationship. If he can’t make it work, he’ll have to crawl back to the city in defeat. But the only solution involves risking the ranch Joe loves, and each man has to decide how much he’ll sacrifice for the other.

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Joe Sutton is every gay mans wet dream. An openly gay full-time cowboy part-time firefighter wrapped up in a hot body. He has an intense personality and he’s deeply committed to his family and their ranch. His siblings keep him pretty busy in his down time while he’s also primary guardian for his four-year-old nephew. All the while, his twin brother, Will, likes to play matchmaker and meddle in his love life.

Scott Mackenzie is a model that recently moved into town. He bought the old abandoned church and plans to turn it into a wedding chapel for gay themed weddings. He can’t believe his luck when the guys he hired to work on the church show up and, hello hot twins! The stars seem to have aligned when he finds out that one of them is gay. Scott and Joe are instantly attracted to each other, and they begin a ‘casual’ affair.

Joe is a take-charge kind of guy, which is perfectly fine with Scott. But the two seem to have a failure to communicate from the start. Joe runs hot and cold and sometimes reads as though he expects Scott to read his mind. Things really come to a head when Scott’s ex that dumped him shows up, and rather than talk to Scott about it, Joe makes assumptions that could end everything before it really even gets started.

Joe’s character and his family were the main focus of this story. The family dynamics were intriguing with Joe being the primary guardian for his nephew, and his sexuality being openly accepted by his family. But good lord the man needs to learn the definition of the word, communication. Even with all this I never really connected with Joe, I connected more with Scott who was almost written as a secondary character. He’s spoiled and a little lazy but he realizes this and he’s working toward something better.

This was just an okay read for me. I loved how Joe was such a caring lover and was quickly attuned to Scott and what made him squirm, but I wanted him to grow more personally throughout the story. Their relationship felt forced the majority of the time, but the author left us with a promise of more communication in the sequel, so… we shall see.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for MM Good Book Reviews*

The Knight by Kate Sherwood

Knight[The]LGTitle: The Knight

Series: Against the Odds 02

Author: Kate Sherwood

Genre: Futuristic, Science Fiction

Length: Novel (216pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (1st April 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3½ – 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Things were confusing enough before the revolution, when Adam Challoner was a rich idealist and Remy Stone a jaded prostitute. After months of fighting, Adam has risen to become the leader of the continent. Now he’s responsible for feeding his people and holding the country together.

But without a fight, without a purpose, Remy scrambles to find his place in the freedom of the postrevolution world. When his quest takes him away from the capitol, Adam can’t object. Remy was a slave before the revolution—Adam won’t deny him his freedom now.

Then an attempt on Adam’s life brings Remy back to his side. In his new role as bodyguard, Remy keeps his distance, but neither he nor Adam can ignore the connection between them. For them to be together, Remy needs to free himself from the damage inflicted by his past, and Adam has to fight through the restrictions of his present. But as the political situation deteriorates, Adam and Remy once again find themselves fighting for their lives—and for each other.

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Review: This book is part of a series and must be read in order. Adam has taken up his position as the leader of the North American council, after the revolution. Remy is trying to find his place in the new order, now that he is no longer a sex slave. Adam is weighed down by the responsibility and seeks comfort from Remy’s presence, but Remy needs to find his own place and sets out to find it.  Adam lets him go, but Remy returns when there is an assassination attempt on Adam’s life. Remy knows what he wants from Adam, but Adam can’t seem to see past Remy’s past.  Adam needs Remy, but believes Remy needs to find the person beneath the slave. As the two face danger, political intrigue and a colony coup, they have to find their way back to each other and accept their love.

This story continues from just after The Pawn and continues with the storyline of the revolution and the after effects of struggling to keep a continent under control without falling back into the old ways. Adam faces difficult decisions, as he tries to balance a new council and keep them working together, while dealing with his yearning for Remy who seems to be more distant. Both Adam and Remy are as we remember them from The Pawn, but this time we see everything from Adam’s perspective and we follow along as he deals with political situations and betrayal, while struggling with his feelings for Remy and the appearance of his wife and daughter.

This story will draw you in as the plot twists and thickens.  The relationship between Remy and Adam is still uncertain and only gets solved near the end of the book. It is interesting to watch the play between Adam and Remy and I really liked it when Remy finally confronted Adam’s treatment of him, telling him the way things are and how they should be. Although their relationship is again played out in the background it still has impact and the result is brilliant. Both Adam and Remy face a lot as they maneuver through the political quagmire that the revolution left behind.  They also have the colony planets wanting their freedom and someone wants them dead. For those of you who wonder, there is no cheating and not that much sex, Adam’s wife and he have been separated for over ten years and Dar (Remy’s childhood friend) is quite prominent in this story.

I will recommend this to those who love post revolution, political unrest, struggling relationships, assassination attempts, danger, nation unrest, smooth talking and a meeting of minds that leads to hot sex and a brilliant ending.

The Pawn by Kate Sherwood

Pawn[The]LGTitle: The Pawn

Series: Against the Odds 01

Author: Kate Sherwood

Genre: Science Fiction, Futuristic

Length: Novel (216pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (1st March 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:   ♥♥♥♥3½ – 4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Adam Challoner was born a member of the wealthy elite, but he can’t forget that his power and comfort come from the suffering of the vast underclass—people oppressed by the very regime that keeps him safe. Living with that knowledge is uncomfortable to say the least. When Adam meets Remy Stone, his discomfort becomes intolerable.

Get in, seduce his target, give him all he could ever dream of, and then get out—that’s Remy’s assignment. No man has ever been able to resist Remy before, but Adam Challoner is unlike any of Remy’s previous clients. In a world where Big Brother is always watching, Remy needs to perform his assigned duties in order to survive, but Adam seems to be as oblivious to that as he is to Remy’s charms.

Luckily, Remy’s determination to accomplish his mission piques Adam’s interest. But just when Remy’s hard work starts to pay off, a rebel bomb attack interrupts their would-be tryst. Unforeseen circumstances force them apart, and then throw them back together. And just as they discover new reasons to live, they realize some things are worth dying for.

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Review: Remy is a sex worker.  But, his contract means he is more like a slave.  Told to seduce a target and get whatever information he can on the man, Remy thinks it will be a piece of cake, but, finds that Adam Challoner is a more complex man than he ever thought. Adam is mightily tempted to sample Remy’s charms, but he has qualms about using someone who will report all his actions.  When a rebel bomb interrupts them they are forced to go separate ways, but Adam has to see Remy again and before long Remy’s eyes are opened and there is no turning back.

This is a very interesting futuristic/science fiction story. Where the North American government is Big Brother and you had better do what they want and stay in your place. Remy was sold when he was only nine. His family had been on a colony planet that rebelled against the Government and was completely wiped out. Remy is now a sex worker doing as he is told, but meeting Adam shakes the very foundation of his being and sets him on a path that there is no turning back from. Adam hates the way North America is.  He lived in Europe for many years and is disgusted by his own government. But, complaining will get him killed.  Any sign of discontent will have a boot heel on his neck and being dragged in for interrogation. Meeting Remy is hard for Adam as he fights his attraction. He will not take advantage of someone who has no choice in his life, but there is something about Remy that keeps drawing him back.

This is far from your typical romance. In fact, there is very little in the way of romance and much more in the way of plot and storyline. Remy and Adam are brilliant characters and although there is something between them, especially more notably with Adam, this story is more focused on the iron gripped control of the government and the dismal treatment of anyone without money. I really would love to go in-depth with this story, but I really don’t want to give any of the storyline away because the blurb only reveals a small amount of what you can expect to enjoy.  All I can really say is that there’s secrets and intrigue that really pull you in and make this story enjoyable.

I would love to say that Remy and Adam fall madly in love and they live happily ever after, but they don’t. In fact Remy is so confused that he really doesn’t know what a normal reaction is.  He is so used to doing what he has to and anticipating what the client wants that Adam completely throws him. Adam won’t take advantage of Remy no matter how much Remy throws himself at him.  It doesn’t mean that Adam doesn’t struggle to keep his hands to himself, because he fights himself hard to keep things feeling right. After reading this book, I now want to know more and I really can’t wait for the next and final book The Knight.

I will recommend this story to those who love complicated relationships, damaged young men, feeling hope, secrets, intrigue and an ending that could be a new beginning.

Beneath the Surface by Kate Sherwood

Title: Beneath the Surface

Author: Kate Sherwood

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (200 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 20th, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: When Peter Carr’s company sends him to Southwestern Ontario to sweet-talk the town into agreeing to a gravel quarry proposal, he welcomes the challenge. Technically he’s a lawyer, but really he’s a problemsolver. He just never expected the problem to be Caleb Sinclair, the passionate but introverted artisan carpenter who lives next to the proposed quarry site.

“Know your enemy.” That’s Caleb’s philosophy. And trying to turn fertile farmland into a gravel pit earns Peter the title of “enemy.” Caleb loves that land, and if he has to make peace with his homophobic neighbors to make war on Peter, so be it. Except knowing his enemy doesn’t turn out anything like he expected. Peter’s not the fairy-tale monster—he just might be the first step to happy ever after.

Product Link:

Reviewer: Showme

Review:  Kate made me cry again! Not the blubbering kind, just a little. But, the woman got me again! This is a sweet romance but for those of you who love the steam (I do too!) don’t expect much.  The MCs are on opposite sides of a fight for most of the book, but Peter loves a challenge and winning over Caleb proves to be one.

Caleb refuses to leave his small town even after receiving a brutal beating after his coming out. The town has shunned him, but he doesn’t want to leave his grandparents land, the only place that’s ever felt like home. When a company buys the land adjoined his to dig for gravel, it puts his safe place in jeopardy and the town in an uproar.

Peter is a win at all costs lawyer for a big company. It’s his job to work over the townspeople and make sure the process goes smoothly for his employer. He’s not a bad guy and he likes to find a way to make people happy. Or does he enjoy manipulating people into believing their happy? This town is just like the others until one of the guys at the meeting, Caleb, doesn’t buy Peter’s charm and smiles. Caleb turns Peter’s successful schmooze session at a town hall meeting into a problem. But, Peter loves to solve problems and Caleb just made himself one.

I enjoyed this book. The characters were likable with the exception of one I particularly despised, but that was the point.   I’d have loved these boys to give into their lust a little earlier in the story. Given the circumstances under which they meet, I guess it’s understandable how Caleb would be hesitant to give into the urge, even though Peter reminds him of the hunky Clark Kent. The epilogue is wonderfully sexy and playful.

I recommend this to readers who love a good old-fashioned love story.




Room to Grow by Kate Sherwood

Title:  Room to Grow

Author:  Kate Sherwood

Genre:  Contemporary

Length:  Novella (81 pages)

Publisher:  Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (August 7th, 2012)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Cole Wheaton is a high-end garden designer just getting out of a difficult relationship with a deeply closeted architect. David McLean is just coming out of the closet himself. Cole befriends him, but won’t get any more involved, because David is a risky proposition, and Cole wants something stable. They finally get close enough to try for something more, but then David’s ex-wife pulls him back into her life, and it may end up pushing Cole away.

Product Link:

Reviewer:  Showme

Review:  First off, let me say, I adore Kate Sherwood and her writing. Her Dark Horse series are the only books about three men in a relationship I have ever truly enjoyed.  She writes real characters that I fall in love with. So yeah, she’s on my automatic buy list. If all that wasn’t true then the beautiful cover on Room to Grow would have drawn my eye.

Cole Wheaton designs beautiful landscapes for a living. He’s creative, successful and openly gay. Cole is just coming out of a relationship with a man who isn’t coming out of the closet anytime soon. He hurt Cole and treated him like he was a dirty secret while Cole had real feelings for him. So the last thing Cole needs is to be attracted to a married man who is just admitting to his preference for men.

David McLean is married to his best friend, Stephanie. He loves her, but he just can’t make himself love her like a husband should love his wife.  Her latest project, the backyard, is an attempt to find some common ground with her husband, but brings Cole Wheaton into their lives.  Cole and David find they enjoy each other’s company and David is strongly attracted and develops feelings for Cole. Cole doesn’t want to get involved with a newly out of the closet man coming out of a marriage to a woman. He’s still doing Stephanie’s yard and would prefer to keep it professional but Stephanie asks him to help David through his transition. Things start out friendly, but the attraction proves too much for the guys.

I was a little worried in the beginning that I’d find it strange for Cole to get together with his clients soon to be ex-husband, but Kate made me want a HEA for them. The book does move at a slower pace, but that may be what makes the progression of the relationship between Cole and David more palatable while working for his lover’s soon to be ex-wife. She’s not demonized either, which I appreciated.  I loved the descriptions of the yards and Cole’s descriptions helped me get to know him better. It was almost too short and I would have liked a little more fleshing out the guys going from resisting the temptation to falling in love. In the end, this was not my favorite Kate Sherwood book, but well worth the time and money.


Of Dark and Bright by Kate Sherwood

Title:  Of Dark and Bright

Series:   Dark Horse Series 03

Author:  Kate Sherwood

Genre:  M/M/M contemporary

Length:  617 KB (novel)

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (March 25, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts-loved it

Reviewer:   Artemis

Blurb:  Jeff, Evan, and Dan have been living happily together for the past two years. They still have problems, especially between Evan and Dan, but they’re mostly able to convert the interpersonal disagreements to sexual tension—and then resolve it—so nobody’s complaining.

Then Dan’s long-lost sister shows up seven months pregnant and on the run from the law, and the situation goes from complicated to overwhelming. Jeff and Evan want to help, but with Evan fearful for his own sister’s safety and Jeff struggling to keep his health issues under wraps, they’re a little distracted. As Dan’s sister struggles with her past, Evan’s seems intent on gambling with her future. With emotions and family ties pulling them in different directions, the threesome have to hold together—or the people they love may tear them apart.

Product Link:


Review:  Let me start out by saying that this is the first book of this series that I have read and I would really like to go back to the beginning of the relationship and see how it all started.  However, the story made perfect sense to me without having read their past history.

Dan has overcome the tragedy of lost love and found a wonderful relationship with Jeff and Evan.  He and Evan have a bit of an explosive relationship at times and it always falls to Jeff to be the peacemaker.  Evan comes from a background of extreme wealth and has a tendency to expect things to always go his way.  It make’s Jeff job as mediator difficult sometimes.  When Dan’s sister shows up after living a life of crime for years, it puts a lot of stress on this complicated relationship.

Throughout the story, there is a point of view shift between all three characters, which is nice because you get to take a peek inside all their heads to see what is really going on.  There are a lot of crises in this story and they seem to fall one right after another very quickly.  As a result, there isn’t too much time for the development of the guy’s relationship.  As soon as a crisis occurs, there is an argument or conflict between the characters, a distance forms between them, then finally comes resolution only to be followed by a new conflict.  Everything was very fast paced and I really just wanted these three guys to spend some time snuggled up in bed talking and holding each other in peace and quiet!

I really did love the story, though, and the author did a wonderful job of creating memorable secondary characters.  I am not sure I liked Dan’s sister all that much and I’m sure that was the author’s objective!  She was (at times) sweet and caring and then seemed to be manipulative and childish.  I loved Chris (the best friend) and his wit and humor really added lightheartedness to the story.

Jeff, Dan, and Evan really love each other…that much is very obvious throughout the story.  The conflicts they have to deal with at times push them apart and then draw them back to each other.  I would have like to see more relationship development throughout the story but think that overall this was a very good book!


New Tricks by Kate Sherwood

Title: New Tricks

Author: Kate Sherwood

Genre: Western

Length: Short Story (31pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (7th September 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

New Tricks is the Sequel to Shying Away also by Kate Sherwood.

Blurb: Quinn Donahue’s put in a long, hard day at his lover Aaron Miller’s family horse farm, and he’s looking forward to a hot bath and a good night’s sleep. But that’s before he finds Aaron waiting for him in their dark apartment, apparently in the mood to play a game. Aaron was a virgin when he’d hooked up with Quinn, while Quinn was the furthest thing from innocent. So if Aaron wants to experiment a little, then Quinn feels privileged to play along.

Review: Aaron has it all planned out, the perfect evening for himself and Quinn and nothing is going to interrupt it not even Quinn. Quinn worries when he gets home and it’s all dark, until Aaron surprises him.

This is a beautiful little short story, it’s well written and delves in D/s but only with light rope play, and is used more as a ploy than serious D/s play.

I really do like the way that Aaron has arranged the night as Quinn doesn’t get what the true purpose for the night is really about until near the end, and the way that Aaron has gone about proving himself to Quinn was brilliant as I really don’t think any other way would have worked. So for those of us wondering what had become of Aaron and Quinn after Shying Away this is a wonderful little glimpse in their lives at a pivotal time for them.

I would recommend this to anyone who loved Shying Away and also to those who want a sweet short that is hot, erotic and romantic.